Call for Abstracts to the Topic “Applied Remote Sensing”

We are delighted to introduce a new topic aimed at submissions from industry: Applied Remote Sensing. Our objective is to enhance the community’s exposure to the diverse activities within remote sensing industry.

Recognizing the invaluable perspectives and contributions that industry professionals bring to this field, we invite submissions from companies in Canada and abroad. Their presentations will encourage collaboration with practitioners in industry, scientists in academia and government researchers, as well as the interest of students and young professionals who are pursuing a career in remote sensing.

Submissions of extended abstracts up to 1000 words (2 pages) could include innovative technological developments, project initiatives, and the application of techniques and algorithms.

Industry submissions for the Applied Remote Sensing topic could come from areas such as:

  • Airborne LiDAR
  • Topo-bathymetry and coastal mapping
  • AI and machine learning in “real world” projects
  • Mobile mapping
  • Data visualization projects
  • Laser scanning and reality capture
  • Featured projects: Remote sensing for infrastructure, cities/communities, energy and mining sectors

The review of these submissions will focus on applied perspectives rather than on the scientific aspects of research, which is already included in the other topics provided in the Call for Abstracts. Submissions with a focus on marketing and promotion will not be accepted for presentations.

Abstracts must be prepared following a standard format; a template is provided at:


Please make sure to carefully follow the instructions. Submissions must indicate the preferred topic as “Applied Remote Sensing” and form of presentation (oral presentation or interactive poster). All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Technical Program Committee and authors will be duly notified.

To be included in the final program, authors of an accepted abstract will be required to provide a properly formatted final revised version of the extended abstract; at least one author must be registered by the deadline.


All submissions and presentations must be in English or French.


In order to be considered for presentation at CSRS 2024, all submissions must exactly follow the symposium template.

List of Authors

Be sure to include the list of authors in your extended abstract. Authors’ names and affiliations appear below the title in upper- and lower-case letters. The list of authors in the document should exactly match, in number and order, the list provided in the online submission form.

File Format

Extended abstracts shall be provided as PDF files.

How to Submit Your Abstract

Please go to to submit your extended abstract.  Note that if you have not yet done so, you will first be required to set up a ConfTool account.

Do not submit your abstract via email.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

Any questions regarding the online submission process should be addressed to


February 15, 2024 Abstract Submission Deadline
March 29, 2024 Notification of Accepted Abstracts
May 24, 2024 (OPTIONAL) Full-paper Submission Deadline for Publication in the ISPRS Archive
December 01, 2024 (OPTIONAL) Full-paper Submission Deadline for Publication in the Special Issue on CSRS 2024 of the Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing