Regional Chapters

Local Chapters of CRSS provide a framework for interaction and activities for clusters of CRSS members in a given city or area.
There are five regional chapters: Atlantic Region; Ottawa, Ontario; Toronto, Ontario; Lethbridge, Alberta; and, Kootenay Region in southern B.C.
Look out for events being hosted by your local Chapter or contact the individual(s) below for more information. If you are interested in forming a new Chapter, please contact the CRSS-SCT President at or any member of the CRSS-SCT Executive.

CRSS-SCT Atlantic Chapter
CRSS-SCT Atlantic Chapter

Contact: Brigitte Leblon

CRSS-SCT Toronto Chapter
CRSS-SCT Toronto Chapter

Contact: Boxing Hu, Ahmed Shaker

CRSS-SCT Lethbridge Chapter
CRSS-SCT Lethbridge Chapter

Contact: Matt Wirzba, Derek Peddle

CRSS-SCT Ottawa Chapter

Contact: Peter White

Council 2018

  • Chairs: Dennis Nazarenko
  • Treasurer: Carla Schmitt
  • Secretary: OPEN (Nominations now being accepted)
  • Highlights eNewsletter Editor: OPEN (Nominations now being accepted)
  • Past-Chair: H. Peter White
  • Committee Members-at-Large: Juliusz Ostrowski, Kevin Jones, Saeid Homayouni.
  • CRSS-SCT National Directors in the Ottawa-Gatineau Region: Tom Lukowski and Raymond Soffer.

A few times a year, the Ottawa Chapter hosts evening seminars on topics of general interest, which are free and open to all. These offer an opportunity for individuals involved in remote sensing, including students, academics, professionals, and enthusiasts, to meet in an informal setting. Food and refreshments at these events are sponsored by members of the local remote sensing industry and presentations are given by speakers from various governmental, industrial, and educational institutions in Canada and from around the world.

Monthly information targeted to the Ottawa regional remote sensing community is shared vie the CRSS-Ottawa Highlights eNewsletter, which all members are encouraged to subscribe and contribute to.

We are always searching for new members for the CRSS. If you are interested in obtaining information regarding our seminars, have suggestions for an event, or wish to become a member of the Ottawa Chapter of CRSS, please contact:

CRSS-Kootenay Chapter

Contact: Muditha Heenkenda

Council 2018

  • Chair: Muditha Heenkenda, Selkirk College
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Ian Parfitt, SGRC

Committee members:

  • Brendan Wilson, Selkirk College
  • Erfan Zahrai, Northwest Community College (NWCC)
  • Yann Troutet, Parks Canada

The Kootenay Chapter was founded in 2014, and is the first CRSS chapter in British Columbia. It is primarily based on the framework of Selkirk College and Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre (SGRC). This chapter offers remote sensing education, research and problem solution to the local public and industry of the interior British Columbia. It also works closely with other local Geomatics social group and environmental organization to promote remote sensing in the local area.

The events organized by CRSS-Kootenay are normally partnered with other local social and environmental groups. They are free and open to all. We are always searching for new members. You are welcome to join us on Facebook.