Working Groups

A series of focused CRSS Working Groups complement the work of the CRSS Executive and provide a thematic focus for Society activities and initiatives. Each Working Group has a Chair and a set of members who meet regularly and are resourced by and report to the CRSS Executive. Membership on a given Working Group is open to any CRSS member. Each group should include at least one student member.

CRSS members interested in participating in one or more of these Working Groups are invited to contact any member of the CRSS Executive.



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The idea for a CRSS History Group was proposed in 2011 by Larry Morley to compile and preserve the exciting and colourful history of CRSS. The Group is led by Bob O’Neil, Bob Ryerson, Florian Guertin, J-C. Henein, and Les Whitney.

In February 2013, CRSS distributed a questionnaire to its membership on behalf of the CRSS History Group and this questionnaire is available and open to anyone interested to contribute.

For further information, please contact: