Geography, GIS, and Geomatics programs in British Colombia

Welcome to our new across Canada blog series designed to educate and inform future remote sensing professionals about all of the top college and university programs in the field. Tune in each month as we go on an educational tour from province to province. Are you a student or professional looking to pursue or change your career in remote sensing? This week we have compiled the top Geography, GIS, and Geomatics programs in British Colombia that offer remote sensing courses or modules for those looking to boost their knowledge in this field.


The University of British Columbia, Vancouver and Okanagan

Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography: Comprehend the changing regional patterns of human behaviour, alongside the cultural, economic, social, and political forces that shape the landscape.


Bachelor of Science in Geographical Sciences: Focus on the aspects of the Earth’s surface and near surface environments through an integrated view of the natural sciences.


Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Sustainability: Explore the interface between societies and global and local environments.


Master of Geomatics for Environmental Management: This 9-month, course-based master’s program, provides the geospatial skills and landscape ecology context required to tackle pressing environmental issues.


Simon Fraser University, Burnaby

Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Science: Explore the digital representation of spatial phenomena and learn how to model data effectively, how to visualize those model, and how to think critically about spatial analysis.


British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby

Advanced Certificate in Geographic Information Systems: Designed for a full-time employee, (e.g. engineer, urban planner, retail analyst), who requires additional GIS knowledge.


Advanced Diploma program in Geographic Information Systems : For university or college graduates who seek an intensive technical education that will prepare them for a career in GIS.


Selkirk College, Castlegar

Advanced Diploma and/or Bachelor’s Degree in Geographic Information Systems: Get top quality GIS training and education to prepare you with essential skills to succeed in today’s ever-changing Geomatics industry.


Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo

Bachelor of Arts Major in Geography: Choose from Sustainable Resource Management or Urban and Social Sustainability and broaden your understanding of physical/human geography.


Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications: Gain valuable skills in geographic information systems (GIS) and strengthen your employment opportunities in GIS applications.


University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George

Bachelor of Science Major in Geography: Dive into geography as an earth science, with introductions to biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics, followed by upper-level courses in climatology, hydrology, geomorphology, soils and weathering, and geomatics.


University of the Fraser Valley, Vancouver

Certificate in Geographic Information Systems: Learn essential software and database skills and the ability to capture, manage, and map information for display, analysis, and problem-solving.


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