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CJRS 2020 Best Papers

By June 28, 2021October 3rd, 2022No Comments1 min read



We are pleased to announce the CJRS First and Second 2020 Best papers (Vol. 46).  The recipients are:

Best Paper

Free access up to December 31, 2021.

RADARSAT-2 Derived Glacier Velocities and Dynamic Discharge Estimates for the Canadian High Arctic: 2015–2020

Co-Authors – Wesley Van Wychen, David Burgess, Will Kochtitzky, Natalija Nikolic, Luke Copland & Laurence Gray

Volume 46 (6) 695-714 – -155 Views (May 1st) – 0 CrossRef citations – 5 Altmetric

Second Best Paper

Open Access

Extending Estimates of Tree and Tree Species Presence-Absence through Space and Time Using Landsat Composites

Co-Authors –Guy E. I. Strickland, Joan E. Luther, Joanne C. White & Michael A. Wulder Canadian Forest Service (2020)

Volume 46 (5) 567-584 – – 608 Views (May 1st), 0 CrossRef citations, 11 Altmetric – Open Access.