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Canada’s Largest Geospatial Exposition Hits Calgary This November

Par 1 novembre 2023Sans commentaires2 lecture minimale
Graphic of GoGeomatics Expo November 6-8, 2023

In a landmark initiative, GoGeomatics has unveiled a national geospatial exposition. The inaugural GoGeomatics Expo is being hosted this year from November 6th to 8th at the renowned Calgary Stampede grounds.

GoGeomatics founder and Managing Director, Jonathan Murphy, underlined the expo’s purpose, “The Expo aims to unite the geospatial communities and foster learning, networking and idea exchange. This event celebrates our sector and is open to all. It’s not just for surveyors or GIS professionals; it’s for anyone leveraging geospatial technology.”

The Expo serves as a catalyst for collaboration and will spotlight the latest advancements in the geospatial sector. It offers professionals a platform to connect, share insights and learn about the latest research, technologies and services. Attendees can expect keynote presentations, panel discussions, workshops and interactive exhibitions.

Expert Insights

Industry leaders will share their perspectives on trends, challenges and future prospects. Panel discussions will convene experts from various backgrounds to delve into the impact of geospatial technology across Canada. Topics will span reality capture/digital twins, earth observation, BIM/GIS, surveying, environment, leadership, education, government and geomatics for climate resiliency.

Cutting-Edge Offerings

The trade show will showcase cutting-edge geospatial products, solutions and services from engineering firms, software developers, navigation specialists and satellite experts. Demos and workshops will enable participants to augment their expertise in the latest tools.

Career Fair

Accompanying the Expo is the GeoIgnite Career Fair, a co-located event where prominent Canadian organizations will scout talent from a diverse pool, including professionals, students and graduates from the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).

The geospatial sector is a vast field that encompasses a wide range of technologies, applications and industries. What makes the Expo truly special is that it acts as an umbrella, covering every facet of geospatial science and technology. With its diverse array of exhibitors, workshops and presentations, the GoGeomatics Expo will truly have something for everyone.

Expo committee member, Ken Ang says, “Geospatial events in Canada are usually focused on specific areas, but the GoGeomatics Expo brings together the entire community into a single event.” Ang is excited to see how all the different technologies are applied across the Canadian geospatial scene and says the promotion of geospatial careers and geomatic educational institutions are of great significance.

Registration for the GoGeomatics Expo is now open. For additional details about the event, visit the official GoGeomatics Expo website: