Earth Observation Summit 2017

Commercialization of Earth Observation Workshop

June 20, 2017, Montreal, Canada


The last decade has witnessed substantial growth in the commercial market for Earth observation data and services. In 2015 this market was estimated at $5.3 billion, with demand for solutions spanning numerous application across environment monitoring, defense, resources monitoring, infrastructure projects and so on. To meet this demand, increasingly capable commercial solutions are being launched, pushing boundaries in ground resolution and geolocation accuracy, with further systems coming online targeting higher revisit and spectral capacity.

The workshop on Earth observation commercialization will take a look at commercial approaches, where private sector activities are heading, how to build a sustainable business in Earth observation, and the role in which the private sector may play in application areas (such as meteorology and environment monitoring) that are traditionally the realm of government space agencies and departments.

As a general EO Summit participant your access will not only be limited to the “Commercialization of Earth Observation” workshop but you will have free participation in the complete EO Summit 2017 program which includes keynotes from renowned speakers related to other Earth Observation areas, and a number of exiting training and special events.

Looking forward to meeting you at the EO Summit in June 2017!


1- To explore the potential for the private sector to deliver on service areas predominantly in the government domain. Will there be a shift towards an increasing utilization of commercial solutions to serve government requirements and the public good?

2- How to balance cost-benefit between supporting industry and retaining government critical solution?

3- What does growing supply mean for developing value-added services? How to demonstrate cost-benefit of commercial approaches?

4- In the last few years much venture capital has come into the commercial EO sector, what are the main influencing factors?

5- To discuss the success factors for developing sustainable EO business. What are the lessons learned from existing enterprises?

6- How has the role of outside industries, such as IT, component minitaurization, predictive analytics etc. influenced the sector; what is expected next?


Tuesday 11:00 to 12:20 – Changing Roles of Government and Private Sector

Tuesday 13:30 to 14:50 – Creating Sustainable Business

Tuesday 15:40 to 17:00 – Building and Supporting New Enterprises

Organizing Committee

Adam Keith, Principal Advisor, Euroconsult.

David Haight, Manager, Economic Analysis and Research, Canadian Space Agency.

Association Québécoise de Télédétection
Advanced SAR (ASAR) Workshop 2017
Canadian Remote Sensing Society
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)