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MDA provides innovative solutions for space and defence—we provide actionable mission-critical information and insights derived from optical and radar data sources; command and control systems; multi-satellite fixed and transportable ground stations; robotics; satellite payloads, subsystems and antennas; and space radar missions.


Global Institute for Food Security

By 2050, there will be approximately 9.6 billion people living on the planet. Over the next 30 years, developed nations like Canada will need to produce about 70% more food, and developing nations in Africa and South Asia will need to double or even triple their food production to feed their people.

This will only be accomplished through ingenuity and innovation. The Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) is creating technologies that will have commercial utility in advanced agricultural nations and the developing world alike.

Our vision is to create ingenious science that delivers sustainable food security for the world.

Our mission is to help feed the world through transformative innovations in agriculture and food production that will benefit Saskatchewan’s economic, social and environmental well being and which will empower developing countries to achieve local food security.


Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation

Since its creation in 1971, the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) has advanced Natural Resource Canada’s mandate to Promote the development and use of remote sensing technology. Now part of the Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation, CCRS fulfills its mandate by undertaking leading edge remote sensing science and technology and transferring knowledge and products, which enables the use of Earth observation (EO) to inform evidence-based decision-making. The remote sensing field continues to grow and evolve and the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing seeks to continue advancing the application of remote sensing science to meet Canadian needs and requirements.


Western Heritage Geomatics  has provided geomatics solutions across Canada and around the world since 1995. Our broad base of clients consist of customers in both the public and private sectors. Our services include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, geospatial analysis, GPS-based data collection and mapping, as well as development and maintenance of custom geospatial databases, Specifically, our products and services are the below:

1.0 Products
1.1 Environmental Footprint Monitoring Platform (EFMP) https://footprintmonitoring.com
1.2 Satellite Imagery

2.0 Services
2.1 We customize GIS application based on user’s requirements
2.2 Remote sensing & UAV application
2.3 GPS-based Geodatabase Management

BRONZE Crop Production Services (Canada) Inc. is the leading provider of agricultural products and services for western Canadian growers. A subsidiary of Nutrien Ltd., CPS is dedicated to helping farmers achieve their maximum success by being a trusted partner and creating the next generation of agricultural solutions to help growers feed the world.We do this by providing growers with the latest technologies, products and services and by leveraging our extensive global experience and unparalleled relationships with suppliers. With over 220 retail locations in communities across Western Canada, we are working to redefine agricultural retail. Globally, Crop Production Services brings together innovation and knowledge from over 1500 retail outlets spanning across the three continents of North America, South America and Australia.

CropPro Consulting serves farmers and independent consultants with agronomy services and precision ag technology. Their unique mapping process for soil type mapping called SWAT MAPS (Soil, Water and Topography Maps) is helping to address the primary soil issues related to fertilizer and seed response variability.


Skye Instruments Ltd is a British company which has been designing electronic instrumentation for plant & crop research, environmental monitoring, climate change studies and remote sensing applications since 1983. We specialise in light sensors ranging from the traditional PAR sensors to multi-channel sensors for NDVI and ground truthing. We are unique in giving the customer the ability to choose the wavelengths they wish to measure. As well as this, we have a worldwide reputation for supplying high quality instruments, working with customers, and providing excellent customer support.

For full details about our company and our product range, please visit our website www.skyeinstruments.com

Canadian Remote Sensing Society