JUNE 19-21, 2018 SASKATOON, SK



In Conclusion

A conference this size would not be possible without the extraordinary effort from committed individuals. We invite you to join us in thanking those individuals of the Organizing Committee as well as Mark Ferguson from the University of Saskatchewan.  We would like also thank the Members of the Jury for the Oral Presentation prizes and for the poster presentation awards as well as the instructors at the Summer school and the industrial participants of the networking lunch of the student program.

News about the Conference and the Society (to come) – Covers the following topics:

  1. 39th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, Saskatoon, SK
  2. CRSS-SCT Awards
  3. CRSS-SCT Executive & AGM
  4. 40th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing & Geomatics Atlantic 2019
  5. Some final words…

Conference Photo Gallery & 2018 Award Presentation

The images taken during the 2018 CSRS are not for sale and are restricted to private use only by the participants of the 2018 CSRS. No images may be used for online / printed advertising or public / business presentations.

Thank you for your participation.

See you all in Fredericton!

Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
General Chair

As conference chairs for the 39th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing we would like to extend a welcome to all of the delegates to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where we will be highlighting a new era in remote sensing technology. Many new missions and new technologies are being developed and have been or will be deployed soon. Hence, the time is right to explore these new opportunities in more depth.

Xulin Guo
General Chair

These are exciting times for remote sensing research and applications in Canada. The soon to be launching of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission will mean a continued Canadian imaging microwave presence in space. Canada has also been actively participating in aereal surveys in preparation of the Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission. Canadians are also leaders in the development and application of airborne active and passive sensor technologies, multisensor UAV platform development that promises to revolutionize high resolution data acquisition and research. Applications from marine, arctic and northern surveillance, environmental modelling and monitoring, and resource exploration are also coming of age. It is our hope that the meetings here will facilitate an exploration of ideas and forge productive partnerships.

Canadian Remote Sensing Society